Mobile Food Vendor Licenses

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A mobile food vendor is any person who operates in the Town selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for food from or upon the public right-of-way, or to a person on the public right-of-way.

A mobile food vendor apparatus is a cart, food truck, wagon, mobile stand, motor vehicle or other vehicle, or other appurtenances used to conduct mobile food vendor operations.

Before You Begin

In order to complete the initial application, you must provide or submit the following required documentation:
  • Approval by Colorado Health Department
  • Town of Ault Sales Tax License
  • Lawful Presence Affidavit
  • Trade Name Registration and Certificate of Good Standing with Colorado Secretary of State, if applicable.
  • Copy of Health Inspection
  • File a New Application

    Available Resources

    Name Summary
    Summary Packet The packet showing the overview and regulations regarding the new Mobile Retail Food Vendor license program. PDF
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