Fence Permits

Current Fee: $25.00

The Town of Ault requires Fence Permits within the town limits. 

Municipal Code References:

The Town of Ault Municipal Code for Fencing and Permitting is as follows:

15.06.010 REQUIREMENT FOR MUNICIPAL PERMIT PRIOR TO FENCE CONSTRUCTION. In all zoning Districts within the Town except AG (Agricultural) and RR (Rural Residential), prior to beginning construction of any fence, all businesses and homeowners shall obtain a municipal fence permit by submitting to the Town Clerk’s office a plan or description of the proposed fence and a diagram of its placement on the owner’s property, together with a description or depiction of the materials to be used, color and specifications. Town staff shall evaluate the request for compliance with the Ault Municipal Code, including but not limited to compliance with Section 17.02.060. In addition to such requirements, any fence which obstructs access to a municipal easement shall not be approved. The permit shall be issued or denied with reasons in writing within three business days. In the event a permit is denied, the property owner may re-submit a corrected plan with no additional fee changed.

15.06.020 FEE FOR FENCE PERMIT. The primary purpose of a fence permit is to avoid conflicts with municipal easements, public property, and design restrictions. Therefore the Clerk shall charge a fee as set by the Municipal fee schedule, not to exceed $25.00, for issuance of such permit.

Before You Begin

In order to complete the initial application, you must provide or submit the following required documentation:
  • Drawing showing location of fence compared to property lines and structures
  • File a New Application
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