Renewing Business Licenses

Renewing Your Business Licenses

If you are looking to renew licenses for your business, the business license and/or the sales tax license, you may do so here through this customer portal by using the prompt on the right using your business' validation code. If you don't have your code, you can call Town Hall at (970) 834-2844 and request your code.

If you signed up for an online account, you can also access your active business accounts through your online profile.

Received A New Year Post Card?

Did you receive a postcard in the mail detailing how to renew your business and/or sales tax licenses for the new year? If so, enter in the verification code on your postcard into the field below.

If you have not received a postcard yet, but you believe you should have from filing in the past, you may fill out the form below. If the below form does not return any results, go ahead and follow the instructions here.

Need to register a new business not listed on your postcard? Follow the instructions and fill out the form(s) here.