Business Licenses Overview

Registering for New Business in Ault?

If you are looking for new licenses for your new business in with a physical presence within the Town of Ault, you may do so here through this customer portal by selecting to first register the business with a Business License by clicking the link below.

Are you starting a business in your residence? Please visit here to learn more about Home-Based Business Licensing. Do not click the File for New General Business License below.

Don't have a physical location within Town Limits? Unless you are a contractor providing services that require fence or building permits (please see here), you are not required to hold a business or sales tax license.

Managing Your Existing Business Account

If you are looking to renew licenses for your business, the business license and/or the sales tax license, you may do so here through this customer portal by using the prompts below. If you don't have your code, you can call Town Hall at (970) 834-2844 and request your code.

If you signed up for an online account, you can also access your active business accounts through your online profile if you have associated them with your profile.


Do you have your verification code from previous correspondence?

If the above forms do not return any results, but you believe they should, or you need your verification code, please contact us at (970) 834-2844 or

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