Municipal Code


The Town of Ault, a statutory Town, has published its Municipal Code in a format which features the following:

The Table of Contents is the table containing each chapter and article title, with reference to page location. Preceding each chapter is a chapter table of contents, also identifying each article by the subject name provided.

The three-place section numbering system places the chapter number first, followed by the article number and section number, separated by hyphens. Each section may be cited by the chapter, article and section number which are in sequence within each chapter.

The open chapter and page numbering system creates reserved chapter and page numbers for expansion or revision of the code without undue complication when changes are made to the code by supplementation.

The Code Comparison Table andDisposition of Ordinances Table identify the sources for the contents of the code. The Code Comparison Table identifies prior code sections and their location in the new code. The Disposition of Ordinances Table provides ordinance numbers in chronological order and location by section number for the present code contents. Thus, if there is interest in determining whether a prior code section, an ordinance or a portion thereof, is contained within the code, the Code Comparison Table and Disposition of Ordinances Table will provide that information. The Table of Up-to-Date Pages lists all of the current pages through the most recent supplementation.

The Index provides references by common and legal terminology to the appropriate code sections. Cross references are provided with the Index when appropriate.

Supplements to the code provide regular updating of the code to maintain it as a current compilation of all the legislation which has general and continuing effect. Without regular supplementation, the code would soon lose its usefulness as a complete source of the general law of the municipality. Supplementation is accomplished by the periodic publication of additions and amendments to the code.

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